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How to work with an interior designer and how much does it cost? The Budget

How to work with an interior designer and how much does it cost? The Budget 0

One of my favourite bloggers in home interior design is Adela Parvu. Her advice on how to transform a house into a home is very good and usefull so I thought I'll share her tips with you.

Her recent post was about the necessity of working with an interior designer when re-decorating your home.

Grey fabric sofaKitchen

To transform your living space into a dream home you should hire a person who knows exactly how to transpose your ideas into reality and do a great job! 

A warm welcome to your interior designer.

Alba Walnut High Footend Bed

design wallpaper

When you are ready to put your plan into action you should already have prepared a budget. When you know what amount of money you have available then you can talk to an interior designer about your vision.

Why a budget is important for redesigning your home? According to your budget the interior designer knows what solutions to choose for you.

Nowadays, the options for furniture, accessories, etc are endless so there is plenty to choose from for every budget.

coffee table


Let's take an example: If you go for a minimalist high street living room furniture it will cost you less than when you choose a designer brand for the same style, even same colors. Apparently, both "are the same" but the differences are in functionality, hinges, wood quality and brand. It all comes down to your finances.

living room furniture

Another reason to plan a budget is the actual interior decorating process, starting with choosing the color and amount of paint, plasterwork, painting the walls, buying the laminated floor, electrical work, etc. Things can easily get out of hand when you're caught in buying everything from everywhere!

There is no point to buy the furniture and accessories beforehand if you plan to restructure your home.

fabric sofa

However, if you do go shopping(?!!!) before your house is ready, always make sure you have a clean, dry place to store your new products until the work is done.

Be careful with money! Some items have to be just pretty and affordable, other ones should be of high end quality, resistant and...dearer. But most importantly, everything has to fit your budget!

It's like wearing a look: clothes can be simple and cheap, quality!

How complex can your redecorating plan get? depends. Do you just have to paint the walls, buy furniture, lighting and accessories or do you have to call the "DIY SOS" team? What's the scale of the renovations? Do you have to move out from your house or can you live on site?

Overall, your budget comprises of:

  • planning permissions if necessary
  • building materials, electrical fittings, plumbing, central heating, joinery
  • workmanship labour
  • furniture and lighting
  • furnishings and accessories
  • buffer fund for unexpected expenses

When you book an appointment with an interior designer you have to envision a clear picture of your dream home, let him know your interests, regular activities around the house, your passions. Take as an example, if you have children that play musical instruments let him know you will have to soundproof one of the rooms, or that you enjoy your morning coffee in the conservatory thinking of Ralph's Restaurant in Saint-Germain-des-Pres, places you love from your trips, things you own that have a sentimental value. In addition, bring the maximum 20 photos with houses, rooms, colors, ornaments you like.

conservatory relax

This way it will be easier to send your dream across!

Now remember...a budget and an idea board :)

What exactly do you pay when hiring an interior designer? I'll let you know on my next blog post.

Hope the information comes in handy.


Disclaimer: All photos were taken from 

Content was adapted and translated from the above blogspot.

Hand painted Soft Cushions, Bean Bags and Wall Decorations

Hand painted Soft Cushions, Bean Bags and Wall Decorations 0

Because my website is all about being unique when decorating your home sweet home, I will give you an insight of some of the creative work we display in our Handmade with Love category. 

I've chosen to work with some great artisans from all over Europe and through my blog posts I'm going to introduce a few great people who create art for you. 

Irina Riscu and Alexa Stanciu, two young architects who decided last year (2015) to start working on their project about soft furnishings/interior decorations, inspired from the romanian traditional architecture. 

soft decorative cushionsoft decorative cushion

soft decorative cushionsoft decorative cushion

They're first collection included Christmas Decorations in the shape of small traditional houses, all handpainted on textile.

Christmas tree decorationsChristmas tree decorations

The Easter collection followed with beautiful hand painted textile eggs.

Easter eggs home decorationsEaster eggs home decorations

They soon captured the attention of the public so they moved on to designing decorative cushions and bean bags with inspiring designs.

Large house shaped bean bag

Large house shaped bean bag

Square art Studio creates unique home decorations which make the perfect gift for your dear ones, completing your home decor with a quirky accent.

wall decorations filled with lavander

Here's what they do: 

"We love to express our creativity, our dreams and ideas by creating art in all kinds of projects, despite the different domain that they speak for.

We want to bring in your home, the tradition, culture and warmth of the pure life of Romanian villages. Mixing the art of painting with traditional architecture, our decorations were born...those miniature houses, cut and painted entirely by hand. The collection includes five types of houses inspired by traditional architecture: Maramures, Moldova, Oltenia, Banat and Muntenia."

Easter eggs home decorationssoft cushions house shaped

Hope you like the products. They will soon be available on 

Onto the next one! :)

First Blog Post, First Thoughts

First Blog Post, First Thoughts 0

I've always loved  handmade! Handmade jewelry, handmade accessories, clothes, bags, etc. Everything! It expresses unicity, originality, passion, spice. Who doesn't enjoy wearing a unique dress or beautifully handmade earrings that everyone will admire and ask questions about? There is a proud feeling to answer to the following remarks: beautiful! Haven't seen this design before. Where did you get it from? 

Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper

When you buy unique creations, or let's say....not mass produced, sourced from genuine artisans and artists, you encourage the legacy of traditions, you feel good because you look good, you contribute to a better civic society and you differentiate yourself from the flock.

Cats LampshadeZoo Animals In Hot Air Balloon Lampshade

Why not do it with your home as well? Sprinkle some fun around the house. Choose a wallpaper that will make you sigh of joy every time you enter the bedroom, use a mandala as a bed throw, drink tea from your hand painted mug, light up your child's imagination with a funky lampshade designed in Wales, etc.

Hand Painted Tea Cup

Hand Painted Tea Cup

Because my passion  for authentic and genuine crafted work always made me research carefully the market whenever I bought a new thing, one day I thought to myself I should share my passion with a larger audience! So here I am, opening my web shop where you can find creative stuff for your home, hand painted ceramics, beautiful designed wallpaper, hand painted textile, hand painted wall clocks, along with high street furniture and accessories from renowned suppliers in the world. 

Hand Painted Tea Pot

Patents Wallpaper

Check it out today!


Disclaimer: pictures courtesy to Global Art Production, Kushade, Lullula, Bohemian Flow

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