I've always loved  handmade! Handmade jewelry, handmade accessories, clothes, bags, etc. Everything! It expresses unicity, originality, passion, spice. Who doesn't enjoy wearing a unique dress or beautifully handmade earrings that everyone will admire and ask questions about? There is a proud feeling to answer to the following remarks: Oaaauuu...how beautiful! Haven't seen this design before. Where did you get it from? 

Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper

When you buy unique creations, or let's say....not mass produced, sourced from genuine artisans and artists, you encourage the legacy of traditions, you feel good because you look good, you contribute to a better civic society and you differentiate yourself from the flock.

Cats LampshadeZoo Animals In Hot Air Balloon Lampshade

Why not do it with your home as well? Sprinkle some fun around the house. Choose a wallpaper that will make you sigh of joy every time you enter the bedroom, use a mandala as a bed throw, drink tea from your hand painted mug, light up your child's imagination with a funky lampshade designed in Wales, etc.

Hand Painted Tea Cup

Hand Painted Tea Cup

Because my passion  for authentic and genuine crafted work always made me research carefully the market whenever I bought a new thing, one day I thought to myself I should share my passion with a larger audience! So here I am, opening my web shop where you can find creative stuff for your home, hand painted ceramics, beautiful designed wallpaper, hand painted textile, hand painted wall clocks, along with high street furniture and accessories from renowned suppliers in the world. 

Hand Painted Tea Pot

Patents Wallpaper

Check it out today!



Disclaimer: pictures courtesy to Global Art Production, Kushade, Lullula, Bohemian Flow

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